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2013 Familientag in Rudolstadt

2013 Familientag in Rudolstadt

Posted by on 07. October 2013 in Massows heute | 5 comments

Der 2013er Familientag fand mit großem Erfolg im Thüringischen Rudolstadt statt. Riesengroßes Dankeschön an Heilwig und Familie für die warmherzige Gastfreundschaft am Freitag Abend, Samstag Nachmittag und Sonntag Mittag!  Foto ansehen


  1. I am the grandchild of magdelene Von Massow Massow Von Prince was her first born
    Massow Von Prince was my father.

  2. I am the grandchild of Magdlene Von Massow. Her first born was Massow Von Prince
    I was born in Tanzania I have a sister Massowia she lives in London .
    I live in South Africa

    • Dear Cousin Frederica,
      my Name is Alexander von Massow, I am the chairman of the Massow Family Association. Thank you for your comment. It took me a bit to find your grandmother in our archives. She was the daughter of Ludwig and Valerie von Massow who lived in Eastern Germany in the middle of the 19th century. Your great grandmother died pretty early which is why your great grandfather maried again. Your grandmother had one sister Angelika and 4 half siblings (three sisters and one brother) from her step mother. We have quite an interesting report (in German) from the life of your grandmother who died April 22, 1935 in Vienna, Austria. Do you know stories about your grandmother as well ?

      Best Regards


      • Dear Alexander, thank you for the information. I do have a book on the Von Massow family. I would like to get in touch with you
        Kind regards Frederica

  3. Liebe Frederica,
    Da wir nun schon seit einigen Jahren (mit kurzen Unterbrechungen) wieder in SA wohnen, hätten wir gerne Deine Tel. Nr, da ich trotz intensiver Suche dich hier nicht mehr auftreiben konnte.
    Herzliche Gruesse

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